An analysis of technology as a ticking time bomb

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An analysis of technology as a ticking time bomb

The good guys are nowhere to be seen Their jaws dropand the timer counts down, 3, 2, This kind of surprise encounter with explosives can be used in all sorts of ways. The only constant is that Character A sends Character B something with a big boom sometimes a nuke when Character B isn't expecting it, leaving Character B with no chance to survive or to make his time.

Compare and contrast Explosive Stupidity for when someone Too Dumb to Live manages to do this to themselves. It doesn't work right. Even when they disguise the bomb as a giant panda. In Cowboy BebopGren sets Vicious up the bomb in the form of a music box. In Irresponsible Captain TylorTylor gives a present to the enemy captain he has just surrendered to, not knowing that it was actually a bomb the space marines on board had given to him wrapped as a gift to get rid of him, making this a totally unintentional instance of the trope.

They hide bombs in plushies, plastic fruit, etc. In the anime, it's mostly to Kuroh and Neko, but in the manga, they have ordinary users of their chat app leave these in public places, not knowing what's in them.

An analysis of technology as a ticking time bomb

There's a running gag of Team Rocket getting stuck with some really undesirable mon-related situation, such as being surrounded by Gyarados. Sometimes, this is a Voltorb that proceeds to, you guessed it, self-destruct.

Major Bludd leaves a bomb for both sides of a business deal in an issue of the Devil's Due version of G.

An analysis of technology as a ticking time bomb

In Issue 9 of ReynBram reprograms an igniter component to self-destruct. This isn't revealed until after the Venn plug the igniter into the weapon they're trying to use to destroy Fate. It promptly blows up in their faces. Our boy is a blow-up doll. And not the fun kind. Even better, Ra's soldiers were going to use that bomb to do the same to Earth, and after killing them, O'Neil sent it to Ra because he can't deactivate it.

Captain Picard is fiddling with the control panel for Soran's sun-killer missile. When Soran orders him away from it and goes to work on it himself, he discovers that Picard has sabotaged the missile.

As the launch clock counts down to zero, the last we see of Soran is the look of despair on his face as the missile explodes, killing him.

The Search for Spock. After some Klingons beam over to the Enterprise in order to capture it, they hear the computer counting down the last few seconds before the ship's Self-Destruct Mechanism activates.

Their leader, Kruge, is listening in and tells them to get out, but it's too late. Into DarknessSpock allows the torpedoes that contained Khan's crew to be transported to his ship.

But not before he'd armed them. One of these happens in The Fifth Element right near the end. After failing to escape, The Dragon races to stop the bomb that he had set to destroy the space cruise ship he is on.

He succeeds with five seconds left on the clock More often than not, they result in Non-Fatal Explosions. Special delivery — a bermb. Did you order one? In Casino Royalepart of Le Chiffre's Evil Plan is to get his mook to blow up the newest Skyfleet plane with a key fob explosive attached to a fuel truck.

One unnecessarily long fight later, Bond's down and out, and the mook triumphantly hits the button on the trigger The Main Characters manage to set one of these up for the invading cockroach aliens in Godzilla vs.Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on In years past, Tehran empowered proxies through focused training in the basics of terrorism, deadly but small scale.

Now, U.S. and regional policymakers frequently complain that Iran provides these same groups with advanced weapons technology. [and] has the information regarding the location of the bomb that torture will produce the information that the information will lead to the timely deactivation of the bomb (91) He asks "whether torture is permissible given features either stated or implied in the ticking time-bomb cases." (92).

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