An examination of gills respiratory system

Respiratory System of Dogfish Scoliodon: In Dogfish Scoliodonthe respiration is aquatic, since the animal resides in water.

An examination of gills respiratory system

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The problem here is to increase surface area to increase the rate of diffusion inward of the desired oxygen gas, and also to increase the rate of the outward diffusion of waste gases such as carbon dioxide.

Your simplest organisms just use simple diffusion.

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No special respiratory system. Gills evolved multipe times. In most of these, the gills came from "skin" epithelium that outpouched to increase surface area. In crustaceans, though, gills evolved from leglike appendages that were attached to each segment.


You can see the primitive form in things like brine shrimp "sea monkeys"in which the limbs have double-duty as gills and as a means of propulsion.

Other arthropods have "book lungs" which probably evolved from some form of external gill. This happened more than once, in arthropods. Insects have a funky tracheole system, in which air passages run throughout the entire organism.

Don't ask me how that evolved! Lungs evolved from a pouching of the gastrointestinal system.

In fishes, this served double duty for both gas exchange and for buoyancy control. In most modern fish, the gas exchange function has been lost, and the "gas bladder" is used only for buoyancy control.Respiratory System Being able to breathe is a necessity of life!

By watching these videos, reading the articles, watching the animations, and playing the games you should be masters of the respiratory system. Study 59 Exam 3 - Respiratory System flashcards from Liz K. on StudyBlue. Study 59 Exam 3 - Respiratory System flashcards from Liz K.

An examination of gills respiratory system

on StudyBlue. -6 pairs of gill pouches; first reduced to spiracle-Holobranch: "complete gill" gill lamellae on both surfaces of interbranchial septa. A B; trachea: passageway through which air travels into and out of the body: gills: respiratory structures of some aquatic animals through which oxygen is removed through water.

The Anthropada Phylum is the largest phylum and includes organisms such as crustaceans, arachnids, and insects. Most small anthropada such as the insects do not have a respiratory system as the oxygen can diffuse into their bodies through internal tubes and air sacs.

RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: Gas Exchange By X1 IA 1 Group 6: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Akhmad Rizki Hidayatullah Anggun Citra Rahmani Farida Norma Yulia Rossinta Indahsari Trastian. Let's take a moment to explore the form and function of the horseshoe crab's respiratory system.

Book Gills: Form and Function If you flip a horseshoe crab over, you can find its book gills.

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