Being a senior in high school essay

After high school, there are few scholarships for students that are already in college; at least, there is little advertisement for college scholarships. However, college students like myself still need scholarships and support just as much as we did before we began college.

Being a senior in high school essay

Each year a large scale production is presented, giving any interested students a chance to show off their exceptional skills. As a final project in grade 12, students in both Performing Arts programs are given the opportunity to direct or stage-manage their own, student driven, 45 minute productions.

Each production is presented in the evenings in the theatre, giving students and staff a chance to view them. At the beginning of each year, students wishing to enter the school bands attend band auditions. The student's skills are judged and then placed in either the Concert or Symphonic band.

Those of a high skill level are placed in the Symphonic band, while most tenth-grade and some eleventh-grade students are placed in the Concert Band. A small percentage of highly skilled grade ten students may find themselves placed in the Symphonic Band, which plays music at grade 5 through 6 music levels.

With both the Concert and Symphonic bands, students must take corresponding courses in the school year.


Those students who have schedule conflicts due to IB courses must attend IB-Band classes at lunch these classes are not according to an IB curriculum, the name is simply because the students are in other IB courses, and do not have room in their timetable to attend the regular class.

Students are allowed into Blue Jazz if they have exceptional skill at jazz music and play the appropriate instruments.

Otherwise, they may choose to be part of the Jazz Army. Percussion Ensemble consists of percussion instruments, which include drums, xylophones, timpanis, vibraphones, pianos, maracas, and a variety of other percussion instruments. None of these groups have a corresponding in-school class that students have to attend.

Both the Concert and Symphonic Bands at Sir Winston Churchill are composed of woodwind, brass, low woodwind, low brass, and percussion instruments.

The only string instrument in the band is the low string bass. The Jazz Army and Blue-Jazz bands also have an electric bass and sometimes an electric guitar. The jazz bands usually consist of brass instruments, whilst the Concert and Symphonic Bands are composed mainly of woodwind-type instruments.

Each year, Sir Winston Churchill bands attend several competitions, including the Alberta inter-city competition, Alberta International Band Festival, and several other inter-province band festivals.

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All bands also go on an annual band trip, to spend a few days in another city, where they perform and record the annual Sir Winston Churchill CD recorded by DarkMatter Productions. On the last evening of each trip, students attend a formal dinner with one another, followed by the awarding of section-leader awards, as well as the various medals of achievement earned by students.

The Symphonic Band plays a piece that the students have chosen, whilst the concert band plays march-style pieces at the entrance and exit of the graduates. Extracurricular activities and clubs[ edit ] Churchill's Model United Nations team is one of the strongest in Western Canada.

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Inthe MUN team took home city championships as well as several national awards. Inthe MUN team claimed city championships once more, and indid the same. They also won the city championship for the 5th year in a row in February.

One of its students also took home a best delegate award at the Harvard Model United Nations conference in January Registration is open to almost any high school student. In its most recent conference, Churchill hosted schools from across the province, and even brought in a school from Houston, Texas.

Churchill also has two well equipped weight rooms.

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Students can join the 'Fitness Club' and can purchase memberships for a small price, now made free, if a small written fitness test is passed and can work out in the morning, at lunch, and after school. The weight room offers a variety of equipment and well trained teachers to help instruct students on proper techniques and help as spotters when needed.

Many Churchill alumni have been selected to represent Alberta at the Canada-Wide Science Fair — where numerous individuals have received top honors.

Being a senior in high school essay

Notable examples of these alumni include Emily Gubski, Sunand Kannapan, Zeel Patel, and Tahmid Khan; where some of these students have received extensive national media coverage for their research.Entries are flocking in from pupils registered at South African schools for the Royal Society National School Science Essay Competition with nearly R50 in prizes sponsored by the Claude Leon Foundation and lots to learn.

A comprehensive, coeducational Catholic High school Diocese of Wollongong - Albion Park Act Justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God Micah Your senior year in high school is also the time to begin considering your financial aid options.

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Take a hard look at your college and fund, and look for those grants and scholarships that can help you to close and financial gaps. I am incredibly grateful to receive the Aflac scholarship.

After high school, there are few scholarships for students that are already in college; at least, there is little advertisement for college scholarships.

But before he was accepted to the prestigious Ivy League school, he had to first navigate the tricky aspect of writing a stellar admissions essay. Our Vision. To be a truly great Catholic high school.

Being a senior in high school essay

Our Mission. Christ is the reason for St. Paul Catholic High School. Upon this foundation, young men and women from diverse backgrounds are challenged to be their personal best in academics, athletics, fine arts, and service to others, as they prepare for the rigors of college and lifelong learning.

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