Borus is a chump

Any discussion that began with Donald J Trump apologising put the other side in a stronger position. The conversation, I am told, was relaxed, detailed and covered all the issues from the Middle East to North Korea. But is that really true?

Borus is a chump

Share via Email Boris Johnson Chasing him — for 16 months — is a Channel 4 camera crew. Go on, get him! More of a game, like drag hunting. So Boris, a big posh polar bear, bounds off — to Turkey and Tory party conference in Birmingham, and Belgrade, Hillingdon, India, Myanmar and Thornbury to make cup cakes.

And the camera crew races off after him, baying and yelping. He looks over his shoulder, sometimes he slows right down, comes over to say hello. Boris Johnson caught on camera reciting Kipling in Myanmar temple Read more Gary Gibbon, the Channel 4 News political editor, stays at home and does the interviews.

Not a hell of a lot of Boris-bashing coming from them — he still may end up being their boss one day, they seem to think. But seen like this, all together — from his appointment as foreign secretary in July last yearto his Brexit vision in the Telegraph the other dayand set against the dubious colour of his travels — it paints a pretty extraordinary picture.

Another would be knowing that spouting pro-colonial poetry at his Burmese hosts might not be the greatest idea. Inside the Royal Military police base, British officers and their men indulge in fried eggs on hunks of white bread, cards and hearty band-of-brotherly bants.

The wives do their best to stay British and do what is expected of army wives. And they cool down with gin and tonics. Outside the perimeter fence, local chaps with guns and bazookas plot to overthrow the oppressive occupier. Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho, ha ha ha ha ha ha … Still in the desert, and this — Escape Channel 4 — is fun.

Crash sites based on real-life incidents are recreated in extreme environments. A team of engineers has to make a vehicle out of the wreckage — of a Boeing and a Cessna in this first episode — in order to get back to civilisation.

Elsie was the daughter of Phil, one of the engineers; she died.

Borus is a chump

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A Boris hunt! [Sounds horn] Tally ho! Chasing him – for 16 months – is a Channel 4 camera crew. Boris Johnson: Blond Ambition (Channel 4) it’s called. Go on, get him! But it’s not really.

PM [The Uncut Girth] borus sounds like he is talking while he is on a ventilator. PM [AnnA Alexis] laugh out loud PM [jim bob] I would like to contribute to your misery.

Boris on Cameron the Chump The hand of the FT’s Christopher Cook can once again be felt in story that the Tories will find rather unhelpful. The disgruntled former Tory adviser has lifted the lid on life working next to Boris’s old parliamentary office. Boris Said III (born September 18, ) is an American professional race car driver.

His father, Bob Said, was a Formula 1 race driver and US Olympic bobsled driver in and His NASCAR career began in as a " road course ringer " primarily due to his extensive road-racing experience.

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