E-business planning activities for high school

Assessment Introduction The lesson sequence is designed to take a group through the creation of a business plan for use is a semester or year-long business simulation or project. It begins with a lecture and readings on the purposes and parts of a business plan, proceeds to evaluate a sample business plan as guided practice, the lets the team loose to develop their own business plan as "independent practice. The lesson " Discover your Potential " may be used to support the definition and acceptance of a business concept for this project.

E-business planning activities for high school

No matter which ones I choose, I do love to inspire creativity in my students from the first day. It's important for them to see that I value and encourage creative thought.

e-business planning activities for high school

So here's a list of some great back-to-school activities you can share with your students. I just uploaded a new freebie today, which is based on an old favorite: In the past I've had students create caricatures from the novel we were currently reading.

But why not have them create little miniatures of themselves? Last year when we started our class blog, my students created their caricatures but most were unable to upload their pictures on Blogger because of some filters on our school servers.

I created a work-around in a Google Doc that should allow my students to not only share their caricatures, but collaborate on some additional activities.


This is also included in this back-to-school free download. The download has a student information planning guide so they can write information about themselves before creating their image. I always learn a lot about my students when I see their "mimi-me" creations. You can share them with parents on Open House night, as well.

You can also have students create the caricatures for the yearbook or school newspaper. Have all the seniors create their own caricatures and use them for quotes or shout-outs throughout the book.

And students aren't the only ones who should have fun creating caricatures: Have fun with it! Another free activity is my Back-to-School Top 10 Lists. Have your students come up with positive reasons to be back in school. The lists my students have come up with over the years are hilarious.

I included some samples in the download, along with additional ways you can incorporate the activity into your curriculum. This is a variation from the traditional, and I certainly did not come up with the idea.

I am sure I picked it up early in my teaching career somewhere, but I've included a couple of templates that I did create. And because each of us differ, I also included a blank template. Last year I blogged about my collage mobile activitywhich actually takes longer than a traditional icebreaker and it is a priced item.

But it is another great activity my students have enjoyed. This is a new activity I uploaded this week to guide students to create their own meme. The lesson goes over what a meme is, characteristics of memes, and loads of examples--most that are hilarious!

It includes a slide presentation and several student templates. I want teachers to be able to use my activities more than just once a year, so this has additional ways to incorporate the meme into your curriculum: Welcome to Class Word Cloud: In the spring I blogged about using your class list to make a nice end-of-the-year word cloud On Wordle.

Though it was an idea for graduates, why not make a word cloud of your new group of students' names to welcome them to your room? In April I showed you how to make a character word cloud on my other blog, Hunger Games Lessons.

In my poetry unit I have my students create "me" poems or "I am", "bio" poemsthen have them paste their poems into Wordle or Tagxedo. Instead of doing this during the poetry unit or for a character, you could have your students do this activity as a way to get to know one another.

Have them print and hang in the room for their classmates to see. Can I Chew Gum in Class? How many times have you heard that question on the first day of school? I always hated going over the rules and procedures because it always took so long and students were zoned out.

I would explain that cell phones were not allowed and a minute later a student would ask if she could have her cell phone.The senior year of high school is a milestone in the lives of many teenagers.

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It can be an exciting yet bittersweet time. Regardless of your plans for the following year, it is important to enjoy your last few days in high school. A senior class trip is a fun and memorial activity for most high. Technology Lesson Plans. Whether you are looking for technology lessons for your classroom or computer lab, The Teacher's Corner has organized some great lessons and resources around the following: management, integration, keyboarding, and more.

Work and college admissions success (as in employment during high school or over high school summers), contrary to popular belief, are not inversely related. There’s an all-too-common misconception out there that students should attend fancy, expensive summer programs to improve their odds of getting into highly selective colleges.

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11 Active Learning Activities for your Business Class Published on February 25, We then identify four main categories of the business/school, for example - Financial, Customer, Business. High School Lesson Plans. Feel free to use the lesson plans listed below in your own classroom to encourage your students to build healthier habits.

High School Lesson Plans for History and Social Studies Subjects. This username and password Junior High; High School; High School Lesson Plans for History and Social Studies Subjects. This lesson plan consists of two modules – Level: Upper Intermediate/Advanced Skills objectives: to improve speaking skills by using video as a basis.

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