How to write a good mystcraft age

So, Mystcraft is over a year old now. The first release of the mod saw only one kind of book, and a single kind of dimension.

How to write a good mystcraft age

Each Descriptive Book requires one Leather to be created in Minecraft 1. One Notebook should serve you well for collecting pages so long as you are careful not to pick up duplicates or lose it but you may wish to create a second or third one so that you can store really exceptional pages or so that you can have a backup in case your main Notebook is dropped in lava or otherwise ceases to exist.

Age Designing [ edit ] Before we get started, let's place down all of this stuff we've crafted. I'd advise having a large room cleared out for this purpose how to write a good mystcraft age you have plenty of room for various Bookstands.

I'd also advise having at least one Gold Chest or equivalent for storing items, e. Place down your Book Binder, your storage item sand then your Writing Desk. The Writing Desk functions exactly the same placement-wise as a bed, i. Make sure you have enough space. The section labeled in red is where you can place various books, either Notebooks or Descriptive Books.

Descriptive Books are read-only, i. Notebooks are read-write, i. The arrows at the bottom and top of the area labeled in red allow for scrolling through your various books.

Up to twenty-six books can be placed in the Desk at any given time and can be kept there indefinitely. The section labeled in green is where you can view, sort and duplicate the pages in your Notebooks just view and duplicate with Descriptive Books.

Left clicking moves pages around manually pages don't follow a grid pattern if sorted by handright click duplicates a page more on that in a moment here and middle click sorts all the pages in the book providing it's a Notebook in alphabetical order and binds them to a grid pattern for easy viewing.

Adjacent to this section is a scroll bar for scrolling through the pages in a book. The section labeled in yellow is where you can input paper to be turned into Pages. The section labeled in blue serves a dual purpose.

It is where duplicated pages will appear when the right mouse button is clicked while the cursor is over a page, and it is where a Descriptive Book, Notebook or Linking Book can be placed for renaming.

Likewise, the section labeled in orange allows for books to be renamed applies to all Mystcraft-compatible books, not just one variety.

The section labeled in purple is where ink can be inserted into the Desk.

how to write a good mystcraft age

The top slot is where full Ink Vials go in, the bottom is where empty Glass Bottles are returned. The gauge to the left of the two slots shows how much ink is currently in the desk.

One vial equals one full gauge equals twenty pages. Ink will only be consumed by the Desk when the gauge is fully empty. Ink, added by Mystcraft, is a Forge-compatible liquid; what this means is that the ink can be extracted from an Ink Vial via Liquid Transposer and then inserted into the desk automatically via Liquiducts or Waterproof Pipes from Buildcraft 3.

This allows for relative automation, as Paper can also be similarly automated via tubes. However, paper must enter through the top face of the desk. Now that we've gotten set up, we can begin to go over the basic mechanics of how Ages work.

how to write a good mystcraft age

As discussed before, it's necessary to define all elements of an age to have an age which is stable. However, that does not mean that Ages cannot be created if not all pages are present to create them.

This will simply result in a slightly worse age. In fact, what you can do is place blank pieces of paper into the Book Binder to become blank Pages, which will result in a completely random age. However, this age will be severely unstable, and unless you have good armor Nano or above this is not advisable.

Labeled in red is the slot where leather is inserted into the Book Binder. Labeled in blue is the place where books can be directly named when they are made. Labeled in yellow is the slot where completed Descriptive Books appear.

Note that a Descriptive Book can be taken from this slot when there are anywhere from one to infinite amounts of pages in the Binder, so the fact that a Descriptive Book appears here does not mean that it is ready to be bound or that it is stable.

Labeled in green is the slot where pages are inserted, and the order does matter when doing so.May 21,  · The Writing Desk is part of the Mystcraft mod, and is used to rename Ages, write new Ages, and record Age Symbols in a Notebook.

When placed, the Writing Desk will occupy 2 blocks, and is placed like a bed, despite this resulting in the desk appearing sideways. so for example if you would like the desk to appear flush against a wall, you would /5(36).

The MystCraft mod allows players to create unique, random and interesting new dimensions, just like those two, simply by crafting with books at a writing desk. After crafting a notebook, place it on the writing desk and feed descriptive books into it.

Instability **All ages that are not fully written by you may be be unstable; prior to , this was guaranteed.** Instability of an age represents a book that either does not properly describe the destination, or that describes impossible or illogical worlds.

Writing Mystcraft books is a tricky business. It's best to check the [] they have for it, as it's pretty in-depth, but to give a quick and dirty summation of it: You use the pages in a Book Binder to create Descriptive Books, which are the gateways to other Ages.

This is my project of Gahreesen Age from Myst Uru game. It's much smaller version and I didn't do an interior. Next Ages I will do will be bigger and more detailed. Iskall Minecraft Tutorial: Mystcraft Age Writing Tutorial [Minecraft , Mystcraft ] Mystcraft Age Writing tutorial.

I show you how to write the famous Mystcraft Digger age, and explain the grammar system behind Mystcraft.

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