How value management is being utilised in the uk construction essay

August 17, admin Posted in Uncategorized The write up below discusses on the most effective approach to control construction cost as a project manager, procedures to be used, in collaboration with the contractor, to track construction activities and costs.

How value management is being utilised in the uk construction essay

The main aim of this project is to provide further education for students in the City of Westminster Borough. This college is a very important project as it is considerable different to previous buildings in Westminster. When constructing a new building it is important to consider the occupants needs, please see Fig.

This will cause it to make a statement as it is located in the middle of a more traditional constructed area around Paddington Green. Obviously being an education facility the security aspect of the building is very important. When considering the external facade all the curtain walling has lockable double glazed aluminium windows and doors.

Furthermore all internal and external doors are lockable via an access control card system. This will prevent anyone without a card access. Also all entrances to the building have a security camera installed which will record the data onto a hard drive in the Security Office.

This is then backed up twice a day via an external server. With regards to the sanitation this buildings has to offer, there are three cores of toilets per floor.

Within these cores male toilets contain 3 cubicles, 4 urinals and 5 sinks, female toilets contain 6 cubicles and 5 sinks, disabled toilets contain 1 large sink, 1 toilet all associated Doc M fittings and a lockable entrance door.

When looking at the comforts required for the occupants within the building, lighting and heating spring straight to mind. Within Westminster College the air conditioning system is the primary form of temperature control within the building.

To help this work effectively the building has very good insulation and draught proofing which reduces the heat lost from the air-conditioning system.

When considering the lighting system it is essential to provide the required levels of lighting internally known as Lux levels. Furthermore when considering lighting it is essential to have an emergency lighting route to ensure the occupants can safely escape in the event of a failure of the main lighting system and a backup generator to ensure the electricity to the building is retained.

The building envelope provides protection from the elements.

How value management is being utilised in the uk construction essay

The facade itself is a predominately a curtain walling system with all the windows and doors double glazed. The envelope prevents penetration of the elements including wind and rain. By installing excellent insulation and double glazing maintained the human comfort element by insulating the building envelope.

It is essential that a construction project like this has good fire warning and protection as vast amounts of students will be using the building and facilities. Furthermore a serious issue within the education sector is the risk of arson, again re-iterating the need for a good fire protection system.

The main considerations of fire protection within this particular education project are; means of warning and escape, smoke clearance, compartmentation, internal fire spread, fire fighting access and Facilities and fire safety management. A fire detection and alarm system is of great value in the event of a fire.

In this project point source smoke detectors are in most areas throughout the college. In areas where the risk changes such as workshops and kitchens an alternative detector called heat detectors are used. Finally in areas people with hearing impairments could be alone such as toilets the detector is to incorporate xenon flash tubes.【 Project Management: Defining Success Essay 】 from best writers of Artscolumbia Largest assortment of free essays Find what you need here!

They utilised the cognition and experience of specialist authorities sections (e.g. Health and Safety Executive) concerning: DLA Piper UK LLP. Egan, J., The Construction Task pfmlures.comking. Construction Business In The Uk Commerce Essay ; ppp Concept for Health and Safety of Women in Urban Construction Essay Sample ; Construction Contract Law ; Comparison of Two Construction Projects ; ATLAS Design and Construction ; How The Value Management Is Being Utilised In TodayS Construction Industry Accounting .

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approach. Kay, M. R., Gale, A., & Civil and Construction Engineering , The project management of health and safety in the construction industries of the United Kingdom and Eire: to Manchester: UMIST. The Institute of Value Management is a company limited by guarantee in England & Wales Registered Office: Unit 19, The Manor, Main Street, Tur Langton, Leicester, England, LE8 0PJ.

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