Icu note writing app

Some doctors are working to change that by better integrating new tech advances into daily ICU processes.

Icu note writing app

There are at least two trends in nursing worth taking note of: So now more than ever, nurses and nursing students need good tools to learn and practice their skills.

Below is a list of 25 apps for the iPhone and iPad that are of value to nurses and nursing students. Although there are nursing and medical-specific translators like MediBabble Translator elsewhere in this listGoogle Translate gives you many dozen languages to choose from.

Instructions or questions to be translated can be typed or spoken. For example, speak in English or whichever input language you have set and the translation text appears in the conversion language e.

If you are not comfortable with your pronunciation, click the speaker icon and the translated text will be spoken by a native voice. Google Translate is a single universal iOS app that has a different interface for both the iPhone and iPad.

icu note writing app

March 6, Minimum iOS version: Each sound video also shows the ECG chart as a visual cue. A settings feature lets users switch between English and Spanish. The app is optimized for the iPhone but will work on an iPad.

Because the data for this app is in the cloud, it can be and is continually updated.

icu note writing app

The app does ask for your current location optional when you first use it; this only becomes necessary if you want to automatically see data for your own region. You can still search for data from other regions either by ZIP code or city, at which point the app defaults to that chosen location.

The app includes a walk-through, methodology, and drug-dosing info from Epocrates Rx drug reference. It is optimized for the iPhone, although it will work on an iPad. The app allows for support circles, similar to friend lists in Facebook or social circles in Google Plus.

Code Happy does require registration, which you can do anonymously with an email sign-up, or with Facebook, which of course is not anonymous. If you are using Facebook to sign up, the app wants you to allow it to post on your behalf.

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You can also use a free scrubsmag. July 4, Minimum iOS version:Quick lookup for the most essential info in critical care! Ideal for quick reference at the bedside, The Little ICU Book is a condensed, compact version of The ICU Book, Dr.

Marino’s best-selling comprehensive intensive care Little ICU Book zeroes in on only the essentials for the hands-on care of critically ill adult fast-access format makes it an indispensible.

Note that although there are both iPhone and iPad interfaces (through a single universal iOS app), this is a free student version with the same features as the paid version, intended only for students.

Severance pay comes in five forms: None at all Unemployment compensation Severance Pay Plans Voluntary Severance Pay (rare today) and Bargained for Severance by .

“Tilda Shalof’s A Nurse’s Story is the first time the work of nurses has been documented in print in Canada in such an honest, no-holds-barred accountShalof has seen it all, and writes about it, too.” –The Calgary Herald “But her book isn’t a doom-and-gloom account of overworked nurses.

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the "Main Agreement"), the . Jun 14,  · anyone know where I can get a good template that guides the writing of an ICU progress note?


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