Open book examinations boon or bane

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Open book examinations boon or bane

Social commentary 1 Commentary: In the yearthe world was introduced to a whole new side of science: Some societies saw this technology as a bane, and immediately launched campaigns urging the banning of this technology.

Others felt it was a boon to the scientific community and began raising funds to aid further development of this technology.

All this chaos comes down to one issue, should we allow cloning? Cloning can be classified into two sides- reproductive and therapeutic cloning.

In this essay, we will examine the issue at question from these two points of view. Many organizations have opposed cloning, since the dawn of this technology.

According to opposers with similar mindsets as the Pope, cloning gives man the power to create life, an ability only God possess. Furthermore, nature is such that everyone is unique in his own distinctive personal strengths, as in intelligence, physique, characteristic etc.

Hence, cloning undeniably faces great opposition in terms of ethical issues. However, this is purely imaginary at this point of time as human cloning has yet to be attempted.

These stories have indeed expressed the worries people have on unethical uses of reproductive cloning which have led to strong opposing views on the subject. With so many reasons poised against cloning, it is hard not to be taken in by these arguments. However, these arguments are only one-sided, and only apply to the aspect of reproductive cloning.

Hence, it is necessary to consider the other side to cloning- therapeutic cloning. Cloning yields great promises in the medical sector, promising new remedies to once incurable diseases. Take for example the creation of stem cells. Stem cells are the revolutionary cells capable of growing into any cell in the body.

They are made by using cloning technology to extract the DNA of a human ovum egg celland combining the modified ova with a somatic cell human body cell. Paralysis is one of the most feared physical conditions in the world, largely associated with suffering.

Up till today, there are estimates of to people suffering from paralysis. Stem cells can be used to replace the once irreplaceable nerve cells, curing paralysis.

They can also heal any disease caused by problematic cell division, such as Parkinson Disease. With such vast advantages i terms of therapeutic cloning, cloning is certainly a new technology that will revolutionize the medical world, and beyond doubt bring benefits to many.

Reproductive cloning has its own advantages too. Under strict control of its use, cloning can also be explored to provide children to infertile couples, giving them the option of having genetically identical children instead of having to adopt one.

Couples would certainly benefit from this as they would no longer face a dilemma of having to consider over the concern of adopting a child that is not genetically similar to them. In addition to this, cloning, being a new technology, can provide many unknown benefits that have yet to be explored.

However, if cloning is banned purely on the basis of ethics, we will thus inhibit the growth of this technology, depriving people and causes that might otherwise benefit from it in future. Take for example, that of genetically engineered food. When the technology was first announced to the world, skeptics immediately pushed for a ban, claiming that it was like playing the role of God, and upsetting the balance of nature.

However, with further development of the genetically modified food, despite protests, GM food has been proven to be an effective way of producing cheap, yet resilient crops that required little effort to maintain.

This has thus proven that technologies that had caused concern to skeptics earlier can bring great intangible advantages if given time to explore - advantages that outweigh its concerns. Therefore, should we not give cloning some space for further development, and not risk losing a revolutionary technology that may benefit many, by banning it completely during its preliminary development?

It is undeniable that cloning, being a new technology, is an unknown frontier, of which few have tread, thus, the pros and cons of cloning is yet conclusive. Therefore, it is inevitable that cloning becomes a subject of opposition of many.

Yet, we cannot fully deprive cloning of the chance of development marred by various unproven adverse consequences that have been hypothesized by some.One-day State Level Seminar on "Is Social Media a Boon or Bane for Life" - Nov.

24, {Registration form} National Conference on “Excellence in Higher Education” - Nov. 23 & . Sep 20,  · Perry's Social Security Take: Boon For Rivals, Bane For Party Sept. 13, Perry Got Much More Merck Money Than He Let On Sept. 13, . Sample Multiple Choice Questions Introduction To Statistics 1.

Discrete variables and continuous variables are two types of A. open end boon or bane.

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Conclusion: The important thing to balance profession and family is saying no to unimportant events. IT boom - boon or bane? Share On; JUST IN OPEN PAGE IT boom - boon or bane? The response was not concern or self-examination, but revulsion and stigma.

This went on until the sensational.

Open book examinations boon or bane

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Goods and Service tax (GST) : A Boon or Bane