Role of youth in removing illiteracy

Home Society Role of youth in Modern India Role of youth in Modern India By 3 The gentle push, the angry voice, the change makers, the burden bearers, all these adjectives fit the context perfectly when we talk about the youth.

Role of youth in removing illiteracy

How do you remove cross-cultural illiteracy?

Role of youth in removing illiteracy

The best way to remove cross cultural illiteracy is to allow the media freedom, allow TV channels of different countries or channels related to Internal culture to start t…heir programs nation wide. This will promote different cultures among people, catering. In this way, People can know how certain culture is like and can start getting used to it which will help in cross cultural patience and thus reducing conflicts.

We can remove the cross-cultural ilitrcy through:. Why need to remove Cross Cultural Ilitracy. This is one of the biggest dangers confronting a company that goes abroad for the first time is the danger of being ill-informed.

International businesses that are ill-informed about the practices of another culture are likely to fail. It is necessary to run a good business in any country that the company should study the value systems and norms of that culture.

Adaptation can embrace all aspects of an international firm's operations in a foreign country. The way in which deals are negotiated, the appropriate incentive pay systems for salespeople, the structure of the organization, the name of product, the tenor of relations between management and labor and the manner in which a product is promoted.

Element of removal Cross- Cultural illiteracy. Nowadays, people work in global offices with colleagues from different worldviews, religions and attitudes. It is important to be aware of cultural differences and how they affect team dynamics, communication and management style.

Multi-cultural workplaces also offer a wealth of new experience and self-growth opportunities. Here are 7 ways to improve multicultural relationships in our workplace. Make it ok to ask questions. This can prevent communication, team effort and even friendship from happening.

Role of youth in removing illiteracy

Encourage people to talk about where they are from, and their culture. Most misunderstanding comes from lack of communication. If we can ask questions of one another, then the growth in relationship will enable more effective working together. Learn about each other's countries and cultures.

Many people want to travel to exotic places and experience a different culture. But nowadays, there might be someone from one of those countries in the office. Put a map on the wall and stick pins in it linked to photos of our team members so you can see where people are from.

Encourage people to add to the display with information and other pictures and use it as a group talking point.

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Be respectful and open-minded. Cultural differences can sometimes be confusing or misinterpreted. Be respectful of the way other people work and interact. Try to learn from them instead of considering your way to be the best and criticizing. Apologies if you feel you might have offended someone, and ask them how you can behave more appropriately in the future.

Speak out again discrimination in the workplace and encourage understanding. Celebrate holidays of other cultures. Festivals and celebration are a great way to learn about other cultures.

Have a lunchtime meeting where you share some traditional food and discuss what the festival means.Role of Students in Removing Illiteracy Students have so much potential in the society because they are still at the point of being honed in order to be more efficient members in the society.

Through students, many milestones can be achieved; both short term and long term ones. Role Of Students In Removing Illiteracy Is Very Important FOREWARD FROM CHAIRMAN Science was born and survives only by questions.

The whole foundation of science is questioning. Youth has been seen to take over things which require correction and change and we all know that the political system figures the first position in that list. The political system will be transformed once the youth gets into it, because to change the system, you have to become a part of it first.

Role of youth in removing illiteracy speech

Illiteracy is a great hurdle for the economic development India. It entangles a man or a nation and eats into the vital of life.

Illiteracy is a scar in our national life. The Role Of Students In Removing Illereracy. Updated on March 31, benchegz.

more. Contact Author. Students can play a very important role in removing illiteracy as they have plenty of summer vacations they can devote a couple of hours to teach the illiterates in localities or villages near their residences.

They can awaken the. Politicians and middlemen take advantage of these simple people by misguiding them with false promises and rosy pictures.


Illiteracy is the main cause of their exploitation at the hands of those who are better pfmlures.comts can play an effective role in removing the curse of illiteracy/5(62).

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