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This is especially so when it comes to higher-priced items.

Smart consumer

Back to Top of Page Contracts Never sign anything you have not read or do not fully understand. Never sign a contract if a promoter or retailer will not let you have another person review it first. Be sure that all verbal promises are included in the written contract.

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Never sign a contract that has blank spaces. Draw lines through them first. Be sure to keep a copy of any contract you sign. Back to Top of Page Used Cars Before buying a used car from a dealer, there are certain steps you can take to ensure you are getting good value for your money: Be sure to get a valid roadworthy certificate from the seller.

Compare dealers for prices, condition and mileage for the model s you are interested in buying. Also compare available interest rates and other terms of finance agreements. Note that VAT must be paid. To estimate the total cost, add in any service or repair expenses you will be likely to pay.

Before buying, have a mechanic inspect the car for potential problems, contact the AA Service Department for assistance. When purchasing a used car from someone other than a dealer, get a bill of sale, the proper title and registration, and copies of all financial transactions.

Motor Vehicle Repair Be specific about what you want done or the problems you are experiencing. Ask for either a written estimate or that you be called before any major repair work is done. Be sure it is understood that your permission must be obtained before the mechanic does work beyond that which you originally requested.

Before you leave the car, make sure the work order specifies what you want done.


Keep copies of all work orders and receipts and get all warranties in writing. Back to Top of Page Home Improvements Compare costs by getting more than one estimate, each based on the same building specifications, materials and time frame.

Use the pro forma contract of the Building Industries Federation. The contract should also include a thorough description of the work to be done, the grade and quality of materials to be used, the dates agreed upon for starting and completion, the total cost, payment schedule, how debris will be removed and any other agreement information.

Never sign a partially blank contract. Most contractors have liability and compensation insurance to protect the customer from a lawsuit in the event of an accident.

Ask to see a copy of the insurance certificate. If the work requires a building permit, let the contractor apply for it in his name.Panasonic India offers a wide products range of home entertainment including televisions, headphones, earphones, microphones & audio speakers system online.

The Smart Oil Gauge™ measures the level in your tank throughout the day and transmits this information over your home’s Wi-Fi network.

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Smart NC. The North Carolina Department of Insurance developed Health Insurance Smart NC (Smart NC) to help North Carolinians better understand their options and rights related to health insurance. With more technologically savvy consumers turning to online platforms for purchases, trying to identify your consumer and target audience can be quite an uphill task.

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Smart consumer

Money Smart for Adults. Vea esta página en español. The newly updated Money Smart for Adults instructor-led curriculum provides participants with practical knowledge, skills-building opportunities, and resources they can use to manage their finances with confidence.

Smart consumer

56 Reviews of Smart Car. "Quick communication. contacted the dealer, sent information, never heard back, guy quit, 2nd time they contacted me sent information never heard back,girl quit, 3rd time young man contacted me, said they have a high turnover of employees, ok sent information, but this time he comes back with offers lower then book valve for trades, um no thanks take my business.

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