The theme of parenthood in the poem in the doorway

The Round House takes place on a reservation teeming with overlapping family connections, connections that are even more important to the characters because of the small size of the Chippewa community and its strong national identity. Although the families in The Round House are well established, many of these families are not nuclear, and some are not even genetically linked.

The theme of parenthood in the poem in the doorway

Storytelling, Formality, and Writing Themes and Colors LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Round House, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

As characters in The Round House engage in religious and spiritual practices, they straddle two different traditions: At the round house, the community gathers for events like the annual summer powwow, where they perform dances in traditional regalia.

Some characters medicine people, in the Chippewa terminology like Mooshum and Randall practice traditional Chippewa medicine more fastidiously than others.

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Randall and Mooshum clearly feel extremely connected to Chippewa religion, and they help other members engage in Chippewa spiritual practice. Catholicism, meanwhile, is also prominent in the community.

Unlike the tradition of Chippewa religion, Catholicism is a theology with strong ties European thought and culture, and Joe and his friends often mock Catholicism more explicitly than Chippewa religion, perhaps reacting to how Catholicism represents the European hegemony ruling order that they have grown up resisting.

Meanwhile, prior tothe Chippewa tribe was not allowed to practice their own religion, forcing them to disguise their traditional ceremonies as Bible studies and other Christian events.

Interestingly, however, Catholicism and Chippewa religion—which have been in conflict historically—do not seem to be especially in conflict for characters in the book.

The theme of parenthood in the poem in the doorway

Often these engagements with religion are not especially spiritual, and have more to do with convenience or opportunism than genuine faith. In other instances, these two religions offer differing outlooks that individuals combine or choose between in an earnest attempt to fulfill their spiritual needs.

When Joe is concerned by his dreams, for instance, he immediately decides to consult Mooshum, since Chippewa religion centers dreams in a way that Catholicism does not. On the other hand, when Joe goes to see Father Travis, hoping to learn to shoot a gun, Father Travis tells Joe about the Catholic understanding of how good inevitably comes out of evil, giving him perspective on his impending decision to kill Linden.

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Erdrich also shows how people use religion practically in their everyday lives—both for genuine spiritual practice, and as a kind of cultural currency that can be used for personal gain. Erdrich, who seems to have a high tolerance for this kind of unsacred treatment of religion, appears to be implying that religion, rather than an unapproachable, homogenous monolith, should be a cultural institution which people actively question and shape.

Catholicism appears in each Chapter of The Round House. How often theme appears:Theme As we just discussed, one major theme in this poem is growing up and gaining independence.

Analysis of poem "The Door" by Miroslav Holub | Essay Example

The parents are teaching and helping their daughter to mature and grow up into an adult. She begins to get stronger, a little at a time.

Poetry of Parenthood. By: Jillian Starr It was this very first poem I wrote as a mother that moved me from the two-dimensional snapshot world of recording memories into a multi-dimensional history of emotion.

The theme of parenthood in the poem in the doorway

One simple moment, my daughter learning the word “moon” in between spoonfuls of pureed breakfast, became a poem that summarized. Watch video · Poem: "The Door" by Miroslav Holub I think opportunities are out there in front of us at every moment and there is always a new one, at least every day the sun rises.

Some times is not easy to see an opportunity coming over to us and what is most important, see what's behind it. Parenthood Submitted By: Dawn Culpepper People come in, People go out.

Alot of them don't realize, What real life is about.

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People buying beer, People buying crack pipes. About The Door This poem is included in the second edition of Tools of the Trade: Poems for new doctors (Scottish Poetry Library, ).

The anthology was edited by Kate Hendry; Dr Lesley Morrison, GP; Dr John Gillies, GP and Chair, Royal College of GPs in Scotland . The themes of the poem are expressed in rational terms, and the poet adopts free verse in ‘The Door’, as opposed to traditional poetic lyricism. The lack of rhythm, rhyme and conventional structure provides a conversational tone for the poem.5/5(7).

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