What do you think jetblue stock is worth

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What do you think jetblue stock is worth

Stonecreek Golf Club Score: Sure, there are a few tough holes where thinking and course management is essential, several holes with water, and a few holes that are tough, no question about it.

Actually, it was a tale of two rounds: Instead, two chips to get on that would become a regular occurrence and two putts ditto for a triple-bogey seven. On 2, after a serviceable drive and decent-enough 6-iron left just off the green left, it took another two swings to chip it on the green followed by four putts from twelve feet sigh I made quad-bogey eight.

Hole 6 is the 1 handicap hole on the course — a tight par 4 with water left of the fairway, a long sandy waste area on the right side, and a pond protecting the front and right of the green. I had yards over the pond to the pin — a shot I thought I could make, given how packed down the waste area was, but chunked the 6 -iron only fifty yards to the front of the waste area.

I was now yards from the pin. Surely, I could make this, right? Nope, I chunked that shot as well, dumping my pitching wedge into the pond. Which I then proceeded to also do with my drop. After that, I just lost my way and fell into too many old, familiar bad habits: And then my short game just fell completely apart — not only was I leaving all my chips short, but I never got anything close to the hole.

Hence, lots of two putts, a couple three-putts, and zero looks at one-putts. All sense of touch and tempo gone like the wind. The quintuple-bogey ten on the par 5 16 sealed my fate: I did a good job laying up with a decent 5-iron to yards just shy of a large pond protecting the green, but then yanked an 8-iron into the pond.

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After another occurrence of needing two tries to get on the green, I three-putted from ten feet. Funny how all those strokes add up. I also need to work harder on being more aggressive with my chipping — I was babying everything during my round at Stonecreek.

Sure, the greens were fast, but I have to learn how to chip better if I want to score better. And the 38 putts I took today just has to be dealt with. Chipping better and closer to the pin would certainly help, but the fact is my putting technique is just poor right now — I have to make time to work on my putting, and pronto.

Too many facets of the game that need work right now. The weather is going to be beautiful, and the course being the challenge it always is will serve as a perfect tune-up for golf in Las Vegas when I meet my Goodboys friends there next weekend.

In the meantime… What a moron: John Chau, 27, had taken a boat ride with local fishermen before venturing alone in a canoe to the remote North Sentinel Island where the indigenous people live cut off completely from the outside world.JetBlue Airways Corp.

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What do you think jetblue stock is worth

Jetblue Airways Ipo Valuation - 01 The case “JetBlue Airways IPO Valuation” outlines JetBlue’s innovative strategy and the associated strong financial performance over the initial two years, in order to determine the price of initial public offering of its stock .

It’s a short work week upcoming – and you know what that usually means. So I think I’ll offer up a post while the getting is good: The European Tour makes some great videos showing the players having fun with skills tests like pfmlures.com the captain’s trash talking – he’s really good.

JetBlue IPO In the custom Investments textbook, page , read and perform an analysis of the case study. In your analysis address following questions: 1. What is an IPO and why is it such a big deal?

Is this a good idea for JetBlue?

What do you think jetblue stock is worth

2. What do you think JetBlue stock is worth? 3. Does the financial forecast in Exhibit 13 seem reasonable?

– Assignment: JetBlue Airways IPO Valuation Case Study Academic Essay | Write My Essay