When i was one and twenty

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When i was one and twenty

Paris is so romantic! Next I would stop When i was one and twenty Rodin Museum. This is my favorite small museum in the French capital.

The atmosphere is just so relaxed and elegant here! And I would wash everything down with Champagne. Nothing compares with a Paris picnic by Eiffel Tower. Besides that, I would just get lost in the streets and hopefully find some inexpensive restaurants.

I would also love to visit Pere Lachaise and photograph the beautiful tombstones. Then I would relax with a dry-aged steak and a glass of French wine. Do get the info you need from blogs, Twitter and other travel sites. Then when you arrive start walking! Have a map with you, online or offline and from time to time check where you are and what direction you are interested to head.

You will see that you will find the main sights like that as well, but the more you walk, the more other things you will explore and find. This could be shops, parks, people, but as well sights which you might not have added on your list. Take good walking shoes and enjoy little breaks in cafes or parks!

If you see something of interest at the next corner, walk there instead focusing on your final destination. It may be a little touristy, but I love the artsy feel of this neighbourhood. And the rest of the afternoon would be spent visiting some of the smaller art galleries in the area.

I would have lunch at a cafe and take some time to watch the world go by. In the late afternoon I would go up to Montmartre and stroll around, catching dinner at some cafe with views of the lights of the city.

Let fate pick your destiny for the day. Get out, explore new neighbourhoods, sit down at cafes, adventure down random allies. Do you know how guide books were first created?

La Fee Verte The Green Fairy is a bistro and absinthe bar just off Voltaire metro station near the Bastille, where as well as tasting more than ten types of absinthe in the traditional Parisian way — sugar lumps and all — you can find good, reasonably priced French food in authentic s, art-deco surroundings.

Walking along the Seine exploring the art for sale, then admiring that new piece of art while sitting for a spell in the gardens. Many of the things that make Paris a cliche also make it a great place to be — the cobblestone streets, the fashionable people, the adorable cafes and proliferation of good wine, bread, and cheese.

Take it slow and enjoy it — feel it.

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Instead, I would wander the back streets, seeing how Parisians live. Strike up a conversation with a couple of locals and learn about their lives. And one final thing — I would insist on carrying a baguette with me all day long.

Next on the itinerary would be popping into a street side bistro for a prix fixe lunch, Jeanne B in Montmartre would do nicely. After lunch, I would head over to the spooky Catacombs to walk through the eerie labyrinth of remains in this ossuary.

Dinner would absolutely have to be at Frenchie restaurant or at the very least their wine bar. I spent time in France with a friend who I met on cruise ships I worked on board for seven years!

When i was one and twenty

If I only had one day in Paris, I would be sad because there is so much to do! I would return to Versailles and I would eat crepes!

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I would stroll along the river and drink hot chocolate and plan for more time in Paris! Stroll along the river, explore some out of the way back streets, and try to find a neighborhood cafe away from the tourist areas. And I would end the day in a bar at Canal St Martin and watch the cute waiters.

She would love to see some fashion shows and visit the Eiffel Tower. After climbing the tower, I would definitely spend awhile enjoying a picnic in the grounds underneath. I know Kalyra would love the Champs Elysee, and I would love to see her face watching the traffic chaos at the Arch De Triomphe roundabout.

A boat ride along the Seine would be a fantastic way to finish the day. During my last visit, I spent the better part of a day there and still only saw a small fraction of the works on display.In , California voters passed Proposition , making the Golden State the first in the union to allow for the medical use of marijuana.

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